Transform Your Smile with Smile-in-a-Day

What is Smile-in-a-Day?

A revolutionary smile makeover with bonding and composite veneers. Treatment is quick, precise and life-changing, made to fit one person – You!

Is it painful?

No. Ask us how we can transform your smile and then you’ll be one step closer to the rewards that a confident new smile can bring.

But I'm a bit nervous...

Don’t worry. During the initial consultation we don’t need to do anything to your teeth. We’ll just take a look, record some photos and take a measurement.

I'm not sure, I feel embarrassed..

Everyone deserves the happiness a beautiful smile can bring. This will be a brand new positive experience for you and a way to never feel embarrassed again.

How much will it cost?

Prices for the Smile-in-a-Day instant smile makeover can be completed in only 60-90 minutes and start from only £1400 for simple cases.

How do I start?

The first step to Smile-in-a-Day is to make an appointment with us and begin the Design stage to find out if you are a suitable candidate for this smile enhancement.

Smile-in-a-Day Gallery

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Most frequent questions and answers

This is a procedure during which composite resin material is applied directly onto your teeth and then polished to perfection.

On your first appointment, we will use a combination of methods such as a direct design in the mouth alongside digital smile design. These are 100%  reversible in case you change your mind.

The Smile-in-a-Day treatment requires minimal to no drilling. The amount of tooth reduction will be discussed with you at the Design stage (first visit).

The life expectancy of direct bonding is between 5 to 7 years.

Although there may be no drilling involved, composite bonding is not reversible. This is due to the strength of the adhesive used and the inability to distinguish the original tooth colour from the composite.

Most definitely. In fact, this is a huge benefit in comparison to porcelain veneers, which may need to be fully replaced in case of damage.

It depends on your lifestyle, habits and any risk factors which may increase the need for frequent polishing and repairs.

The bonding procedure itself can take between 60 to 90 minutes for simple cases.

At this point, we do not offer a payment plan for composite bonding.

Yes. Porcelain is a superior to composite dental material. It is more hard-wearing and doesn’t scratch or stain easily. It is safe to upgrade to porcelain veneers later on.

No. However, teeth whitening may improve your overall perception of a healthy smile and boost your confidence.

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